Why Teaching Kids About Women’s Basketball is so Important?

women's basketball

The first things first teaching them why supporting women’s basketball is so important for them and girls across the country. If you teach them about women’s basketball you get to bond with them more. It’s a teachable and memorable moment for the parents, aunts, and kids. The kids will get to appreciate the game more and see it from a different perspective. Especially young boys who only are accustom to watching the NBA in their household.

Women’s Basketball

As a coach, i always say, ” teach them young” teach them young to support and learn about women’s basketball whether it’s the WNBA or NCAAW. They will bond more with you and learn every team and player. It such an epic moment for both parties. The women’s game is more refined. That is another reason to teach them about women’s basketball.

In my opinion, they will learn the true definition of basketball while watching the women play. The women shoot better, they go through all the fundamental skills of basketball. For example, lay-ups, ball movement, communication, shooting form and etc,… Yes, the men are more athletic and stronger, but they are not teaching the youth how to play correctly.

And before the NBA, Twitter comes at me, yes, i have watched both leagues. And i have coached organized basketball as a JV High School coach. The NBA players travel more, fewer lay-ups, and post-game doesn’t exist pretty much and more three-ball. How is that teaching the younger generation about basketball? That is why i always recommend for young kids to watch the WNBA instead of the NBA. Watch the women’s game for fundamentals skills and if they want excitement as dunking the ball, then watch the NBA.

Fun Moments

It’s so fun to bond with my nephew JQ. He was teaching me how to use the Xbox and I was teaching him about the WNBA teams and players. A fun day overall. #WNBA2k #TheWNBAIsSoImportant

— Silvia Guevara (@CoachGuevara205) October 29, 2020

The reason why i even thought about writing this story is that last week my nephew and I started playing the WNBA in NBA2k. It was my first time playing with the Xbox and WNBA players and teams. All i can say is ” fun moments” with my nephew. While playing a simple video game with my nephew and bonding with him it turned out to be a memorable moment with him. It taught me so many lessons.

Lesson number one is just to have fun no matter what you are playing whether is the NBA or the WNBA. He played the NBA while i was watching him and then it was my turn to play the WNBA. What an incredible experience learning the Xbox system from him and teaching him about the WNBA teams and players. And who won this year’s championship which then i told him it was the Seattle Storm. Then resided to tell him the colors of the teams and which players were good at the three and so on. So many questions and moments to share here but it will be a 1,000-word article instead of a short one haha.

I told him about my favorite team Las Vegas and this year’s MVP A’ja Wilson. For me, it was my favorite moment of this unprecedented year. I can finally teach my nephew something i am very knowledgeable about which is basketball and women’s basketball haha. This is why teaching kids about women’s basketball is so important. As the infamous quote from Ari Chambers says, ” The WNBA is so important”

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