Opinion: WNBA Expansion – Toronto, ho!

“Before you speak, think. Then don’t.” – JJ, an old biker with whom I used to ride.  There are times when I think that those who roam the hallowed halls of the WNBA Headquarters must all have degrees in advanced vaguery. One can speculate in real estate, in the stock market, or social trends. When it comes to sports, nothing brings out the prognosticators, experts, basement trolls, and sidewalk pundits like a hefty rumor. Remember the brouhaha about Azzi Fudd leaving UConn?

The news that a new WNBA team will come to Toronto for the 2026 season is, of course, exciting to those of us who are invested, in one way or another, in the growth and expansion of the league. It is great news, and it creates an immediate thirst for more. However, there is so little concrete information that I wonder what real interest it serves to let out this tidbit when, in fact, it is not yet official.

One could argue that it’s almost official and just needs approval by the League Board of Governors or whatever mucky muck makes the final decision. We know, or at least we are told, that the new team will be owned by Kilmer Sports, Inc., led by High Panjandrum and billionaire Larry Tannenbaum. The team will reportedly play at Coca-Cola Coliseum, an 8,000-seat arena.

What a WNBA Team in Toronto Means for the League

Considering that the two WNBA games that were played in Canada attracted a total of 36,455 rabid fans, 8,000 doesn’t seem to be quite enough, but would probably be a good start. The point is though, was it premature to make this announcement? Did the CBC jump the gun? There are times when enthusiasm needs a short leash.

Although the news of another team in the league is nothing short of inspiring, consider the mess in which the Minnesota Timberwolves are embroiled. Not pretty. Or the situation with the Oakland A’s eventual move to Las Vegas.

I am hoping that the creation of a new team in Toronto will come to fruition without the daytime television soap opera antics that always seem to be lurking right around the corner. I think it is safe to safe, or at least I hope so, that the WNBA will approach this intelligently and at the right pace. Expansion of the league is too important not to do that. I will also add that future expansions need to be planned for years ahead of schedule. I hope too that while more teams in the WNBA are necessary, so is expanding the roster size.

Closing Thoughts

As we enter the last phase of roster cuts, the number of talented athletes who will not have an opportunity to play this season is staggering. More teams and bigger rosters need to go hand in hand, not one after the other.

I for one will look forward to attending a game in Toronto. If I have to go that far for an authentic platter of poutine, it will be well worth the trip. Plus, from where I live, it’s a beautiful ride on a motorcycle. Summer in the Great White North. Sounds good to me.

And that, my friends, as they say, is that.’ — Martin Ruben.

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