Canada National Team forced to play SheBelieves Cup


After announcing a strike last week, the Canada women’s national team (CanWNT) will play the SheBelieves Cup in protest against Soccer Canada. Both sides met in Orlando on Saturday to discuss the players’ concerns over budget cuts and equal pay issues. The outcome was nowhere close to what the CanWNT was looking for.

According to the Canadian Soccer Players Association, Soccer Canada considered the strike to be “unlawful” and threatened to sue the players association and individual players for millions of dollars if they didn’t commit to play against the USWNT. Because the CanWNT haven’t been paid for their work in 2022, the players can’t afford to pay Canada Soccer that money. The players returned to training and will be playing the tournament in protest.


Shortly after meeting with Soccer Canada over the SheBelieves strike, Sophie Schmidt posted a statement on Twitter that stated she would not represent Soccer Canada until the raised issues became resolved. Schmidt currently has 218 appearances for Canada, second of all-time behind Christine Sinclair. Jeff Kassouf reports that after Schmidt posted her statement, she approached head coach Bev Priestman and informed her that she wanted to retire from international play and fly home. Priestman asked her to “sleep on it.” Schmidt ultimately decided to stay with the team but will retire after the World Cup.

What to expect during SheBelieves and beyond

The CanWNT intends to play in the SheBelieves tournament, but they will also keep fighting for better treatment from Soccer Canada. Sinclair announced that the team will not play the April international window if their demands aren’t met. Today, the players trained with their shirts inside out, hiding the Soccer Canada crest. The USWNT did the same during their famous fight for equal pay in 2020.

What can viewers expect for tomorrow’s SheBelieves match between Canada and the U.S.? The CanWNT has something planned, but they are not giving any hints about what it is. Fans are speculating that Canada may lose on purpose or that they may call Canada Soccer’s bluff and refuse to play after all. The SheBelieves Cup will be streamed on HBO Max, Universo, and Peacock. Brazil vs. Japan kicks off at 4:00 ET, and Canada vs. the U.S. kicks off at 7:00 ET.

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