A’ja Wilson is Dancing and She’s the Queen of it

Many people may know that A’ja Wilson is a talent on the basketball court for the Las Vegas Aces. But, did you know she is also a dancer off of the court? A’ja is a talented athlete but now it includes dancing. If you watched A’ja during her days at the University of South Carolina you may know that she was dancing then too. Let us take a look at how A’ja Wilson is dancing throughout her career in both college and the pros.

Start of Her Public Dancing Career… College

Whether it was leading the team dance circle, dancing during warmups, or with the band after a victory, A’ja Wilson is dancing as always. She isn’t afraid to get down and dance, this is one of many things people love about her.

This video is one of many during A’ja’s time at South Carolina, this video, in particular, is after a win against Mississippi State in the 2018 SEC Tournament. It was South Carolina and A’ja’s 4th tournament title in a row. This, for sure, called for a celebration, and that is what A’ja did. A’ja Wilson is dancing her way, defeating her rivals on and off the basketball court. She is a very bubbly person who loves to dance whenever she gets the chance. Now that she danced her heart out in college let’s dance on over to the WNBA.

Dancing in the Wubble

Dancing did not stop in college for A’ja. Whether it is during stretches or sneaking in a dance move or two during practice, the dancing queen never stops. Third-year “vet,” A’ja Wilson is dancing her way through the “Wubble” and toward the start of the 2020 WNBA season.

This video of A’ja dancing in between stretches is a perfect example of her personality. Before A’ja heads into practice mode, she tries to get in a few last dance moves. This tweet jokingly mentions head coach Bill Laimbeer wanting the team to warm up, while A’ja is “warming up” in her books, while we see it as dancing. Don’t worry A’ja; we don’t blame you for wanting to loosen up before practice, we would do the same.

Sorry, A’ja, you were caught on camera. We saw that quick boogie season before going back to stretching. She went from shimmying to stretching in a matter of seconds. Don’t worry when it is time to play; it is game on. Yes, she is a talented basketball player, but you cannot deny that she is the Queen of Dancing on and off the court. We can’t wait to see your dancing skills at games, A’ja.

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